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Entry-level PDF/A support, standalone or inside Acrobat


NEW: Version 5 has just been released

With pdfaPilot Desktop it is a snap to check whether your documents comply with the PDF/A standard. And if they don’t, callas pdfaPilot contains a wealth of tools to bring them in line. Working as a plug-in inside Adobe Acrobat or as a fast standalone application, callas pdfaPilot offers the broadest PDF/A support on the market in the easiest package. callas pdfaPilot Desktop works on single documents or – using its batch functionality – on complete folders at a time.

For businesses and government agencies, archives and libraries, that store and long-term maintain documents, callas pdfaPilot is the professional desktop tool to validate and/or create PDF/A-files.

Click here & watch the webinar recording introducing you to the new features in pdfaPilot 5.

It turns all kinds of PDFs into ISO 19005-1 conform PDF/A documents:

  • PDFs created in Office applications
  • emails
  • interactive forms
  • invoices
  • construction drawings
  • technical documentation
  • presentations
  • newspapers
  • books

Users can not only save non-compliant PDF files as valid PDF/A documents with the touch of a button but they can also convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents directly to PDF/A.

callas pdfaPilot is an easy-to-use, quick and reliable tool.
callas pdfaPilot uses the same validation technology as the Preflight function licensed by callas software to Adobe® for the Adobe® Acrobat® Pro application.

What is new in pdfaPilot 5
  • email archiving
  • electronic invoicing with PDF/A
  • improved transparency flattening for PDF/A-1
  • optimized exporting to PDF/UA (PDF for universal accessibility) and EPUB, the standard ebook format.

For an overview about the main features, please read the press release. For a full overview of all features please consult the version history.

pdfaPilot offers an extensive set of features – click here for a complete list of pdfaPilot features.

Need to automate pdfaPilot?

You need to automate pdfaPilot or wish to integrate pdfaPilot into an existing workflow? callas’ PDF tools are also available as server versions.
Learn more about pdfaPilot Server...

ROSENDAHLS front-runner for PDF/A compliancy in Denmark

Danish media services provider Rosendahls implements callas pdfaPilot to supply accessible PDF/A documents for public authorities…Read the testimonial.

Introduction to PDF/A – Recorded at PDF/A Seminar in Oslo, April 17, 2012

Everything you should know about PDF/A – listen to 50 minutes of very informative video recording

During the PDF/A Seminar in Oslo, Norway, in April 17, 2012, David van Driessche provided an introduction to PDF/A. In just 50 minutes all the important features of the PDF/A standard, including conformance levels A, B and U as well as the three parts of the standard – PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, and PDF/A-3 – are explained. Watch the video.

callas pdfaPilot SDK

callas pdfaPilot SDK is the fastest way for developers to quickly incorporate PDF/A file validation and/or creation for long-term archiving into custom solutions.
Learn more about pdfaPilot SDK...

System requirements

Runs inside Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, X or 11, or as a standalone (without requiring Adobe Acrobat to be installed)

  • Mac: Requires Mac OS X, version 10.6 or newer.
  • Windows: Requires Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8.
  • Recommended are at least 2 GB of free storage

pdfaPilot 5 brochure in PDF

pdfaPilot 5 brochures

In this English brochure you can find more information about the new features in pdfaPilot 5. This brochure is also available in German French Dutch and Italian.

pdfaPilot Email archiving brochures

In this English brochure you can find more information about email archiving with pdfaPilot. This brochure is also available in French, German Dutch and Italian.