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Key Features

  • Provides guaranteed PDF/A conversion implementing fallback mechanisms (redistill, conversion to images…) for troublesome files
  • Runs on the major UNIX platforms including Linux, Sun Solaris and AIX
  • Can be used immediately in C, C++, .NET and Java environments
  • Checks PDFs for compliance to the PDF/A-1 through PDF/A-3 standard
  • Provides versatile XMP Metadata support
  • Assures quality during PDF/A archiving
  • Converts PDF files according to PDF/A-1 through PDF/A-3 and implements all necessary corrections
  • Supports all PDF/A conformance levels (‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘u’)
  • Embeds and/or substitutes missing fonts and handles missing glyphs
  • Optimizes all color data for compliance to the PDF/A standard
  • Adjusts comments and form fields to the requirements of the PDF/A standard
  • Flattens unwanted objects such as layers
  • Adapts image compressions to the PDF/A specifications
  • Creates PDF/A documents that are web optimized for easier access and viewing
  • Brings document information in line with PDF/A specifications
  • Implements all adjustments and corrections without loss of information
  • Improves overall accessibility of PDF/A
  • Delivers clear reports in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Japanese