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Visual PDF compare with pdfToolbox 5

Comparing Versions Ensuring consistency
When changes have been made and you get a new version of an ad… how do you know what has changed? And how can you be sure you’ve seen all of the changes? When you make changes to a PDF file, how can you really be sure nothing else changed? Say that you’ve just embedded a font… are you sure none of the characters in the PDF changed?

callas pdfToolbox 5 has a new visual compare feature

When callas pdfToolbox 5 will be released in April 2011, one of the great new features will be its visual compare feature. So how does that work?

As all features in callas pdfToolbox it’s very easy to use, just follow these steps:

1. Open both documents

Just open both versions of the document you want to compare: the two versions of the ad or the before and after of the document you just fixed. You can use the ‘File > Open’ menu to open the files or simply drag both of them into the callas pdfToolbox window.

2. Open the visual compare view

To open the visual compare view, go to the ‘View’ menu and select the ‘Compare documents’ menu item. You still see your document (the “Switch documents” button switches between the two versions) but a gray overlay hides everything that is the same. Red highlights appear over the changes.

3. Use the loupe to inspect

Sometimes the changes will be quite small. In that case you can use the Loupe window to inspect closer. Use the ‘Window’ menu and select the ‘Loupe’ menu item. A separate Loupe window pops up that allows you to zoom in on all of the details. In this example you can see changes in text position and missing characters being highlighted.

Automation you say?

Of course this feature can be automated as well; callas pdfToolbox Server 5 will be capable of testing for differences and a special Switch configurator will allow building a workflow that easily detects those differences in a fully automatic way (and takes appropriate action).

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