callas software releases pdfaPilot 11

17 Jan 2022

callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, today released a major update for its pdfaPilot product line. pdfaPilot 11 builds on various new improvements that callas have implemented into pdfToolbox 13, released in November last year. This major update has added new features and improved existing features so users can take full advantage of PDF/A conversion.

With this new release pdfaPilot 11 now offers a unified concept for defining page areas to harmonize configuration possibilities in Checks and Fixups, especially regarding barcodes, creating and applying shapes, link creation for texts, or setting page geometry boxes. In the same way, the Switchboard has received various new actions, such as the ability to unembed all fonts and resample documents to JPEG2000, a new editor for font substitution policies has been added, and reports in JSON are now possible.

Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software: “We’ve looked to improve our pdfaPilot product line based on important feedback from end-users and our channel partners to help them get the best out of our product. We have yet again managed to implement many customer requests in our newest release of pdfaPilot 11.”

Additional features

pdfaPilot 11 also contains a wide range of other features and fixups. These include:

You can find the full list of all new features and fixups in pdfaPilot 11 here.

Availability and price

callas pdfaPilot 11 is available now at the same price as before:

For further inquiries regarding availability, price, options or return on investment, please contact the callas software distribution partner Four Pees at Download a fully functional time-limited trial version here.

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