License Server

License Server introduces a dynamic way of licensing processing capacity based on peak performance. This type of licensing will allow callas products to run without being activated locally, rather checking with the License Server whether any licenses are available.

Avoid local activation

Because License Server itself has to be activated on a machine, any other callas product doesn’t have to be activated. They simply ask License Server permission to run, giving you greater flexibility.

Tackle peak production

A combination of process cartridges and credit cartridges on the License Server handles base processing needs (process cartridges) and peak processing needs (credit cartridges) very easily. This solution is both very flexible and cost effective!

Implement real fail-over

Using the traditional callas licensing model, callas products always have to be locally activated, and that is not a fully automated process. This makes it difficult to provide true failover for business-critical processes. Using License Server, real failover is possible! The License Server itself is not a bottleneck for true failover as it can work in a cluster of three License Servers that provide backup for each other.

Floating desktop licenses

Because License Server also works with pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfaPilot Desktop, it can be used to implement floating licenses. Desktop products ask for permission to run on startup, which removes the need to activate the product on each machine it’s running on. This provides a flexible environment for organizations with large teams using desktop products…

On-premise or in the cloud

You can deploy your own License Server on your own infrastructure or use the callas-hosted License Server in the Cloud.

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