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PIM Print aims to continuously improve its production processes, so that orders can be carried out more professionally and faster. Workflow automation was the first step in this process!

PIM Print works from its own production hall in Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands, with its own print operators, designers and print specialists. Through its own unique production process, PIM Print guarantees short delivery times and the best solution for every issue in the field of printing and signage. With a wide range of machinery for in-house production, a workflow is established for each type of product, applying the most efficient and rapid printing technique without burdening the customer with technical questions or limitations.

Digital printing, hybrid printing, offset or flakbed printing? PIM Print makes the best choice for its customers in order to deliver the product optimally and as quickly as possible, whether it concerns business cards or mega banners.

The company’s founder, Pim van der Meer, started his company in 1982 in Roelofarendsveen. Ronald van der Meer joined the company in 1997, and became its co-owner in 2012. “The biggest change was without a doubt the digitization of our production and the arrival of a number of SRA3 volume printers and two wide format inkjet plotters. We took our most important decision four years ago by putting our money on web-based selling”, says Ronald.

Hundreds of jobs

“Of course, our webshops are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We process hundreds of jobs each day, with all their associated administrative tasks. This is only possible with strict automation.” Ronald van der Meer, a veteran in the printing trade, was trained at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam. The graphic trade cannot do without IT. Fortunately, I am fascinated by these possibilities. When we found that web-based sales were increasing, we started searching for software that could relieve the prepress by automating the checking procedures. That is when we discovered callas pdfToolbox Server." The callas pdfToolbox Server, isn’t that the workflow package that is especially suitable for larger companies? “Could be,” says Ronald, “but we control our production with this software and we are very happy with it.”

"With the integration of pdfToolbox in our production process, we have minimized our margin of error" - Ronald van der Meer, co-owner of PIM Print

"Wifac, our local reseller, supplies us with the consumables and they understand automation, workflow and printers. If we have really in-depth questions, we can always count on Wifac for advice and support. This is essential when you run a 24/7 company. callas builds highly flexible tools, allowing for a wide deployment of the package. Of course, we had to enter our products and profiles in the database ourselves. This was a tough job, and we worked hard on it from early November to late December. Since January, our production runs entirely on callas pdfToolbox. Because of this, we have minimized our margin of error. If you place a job order today, you will receive it the following day. Guaranteed”, states Ronald van der Meer, co-owner of PIM Print.

Peaceful production

How does it work? "A customer places an order via the web. When he sends us the confirmation, the customer attaches the job in the form of a document. callas pdfToolbox Server provides the preflight, and our Content Management System generates and sends an invoice to the customer by return. The customer settles the invoice immediately, for example via iDeal. No humans are involved in this process. The callas software checks - and, if necessary, corrects - the job on bleed, inserts cutting marks, provides smoothing, calculates the correct color space and places a barcode, so that after printing, the job cutting or print finishing can take place without manual adjustments. This reduces the workload and brings peace into the organization", explains Ronald van der Meer.

callas pdfToolbox Server is based on the Adobe PDF Library and includes advanced color management functions and on-board imposition. It takes the workflow to the next level with the use of hotfolders. Processing thousands of files is done without supervision or with minimal visual inspection by an operator. A command line version and a full SDK for developers are available.

"Automated production has the most pivotal role to play. This is what creates peace” - Ronald van der Meer, co-owner of PIM Print


“In order to have a fully functioning automated workflow you need to invest in knowledge and time. You are on the right track when you can let the software perform all kinds of repetitive tasks. Many printers are still burdening themselves with the idea that the press or printer should be the centre of the production. But not in our case. Automated production has the most pivotal role to play. This is what creates peace.”

Pim Print had a terrific first month and also February 2014 is looking fabulous. “Customers who want to have printing done, always search on the web for the cheapest option first and then choose the easiest solution.” Customers will find that there is more than just flyers. Posters, banners, magazines, stickers - there are many possibilities.

“A real runner is our man-size print. We pondered over how we could offer this product for a reasonable price, including postage. This applies to all products. You don’t start thinking about how to make something when you have already sold it. It all should be strictly arranged in advance. That way you can offer an attractive price with fast delivery times, and still earn from it.“

Ronald van der Meer is not finished yet. “The goal is to take on more projects with the existing team. The focus lies on further tightening of the workflow and even better findability of our sites. Moreover, we are going to work with affiliate networks, third-party websites that promote our work, for which they get paid. It seems simple, but this too should be carefully arranged. In addition, we will delve deeper into the possibilities of callas pdfToolbox Server. I think there are a lot more tools in that box that we can take advantage of.”

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