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Callas in 2020

What an unusual year 2020, wasn’t it? A lot of things changed at callas too. A quick look at the numbers from the past year.

From number of activations to documentation changes, social media posts to what the customers are usually interested in, everything is sorted in this blog post. Like every year, 2020 was analogous to pdfToolbox version 12. While we are prepping for a maintenance release, it’s worthwhile to look at the new features of version 12, in case you haven’t done so. You would probably remember that this year’s VIP Event was held online which was attended in huge numbers. All the videos are on our YouTube channel already. Talking about YouTube views, the top viewed videos of 2020 were:

For our customers, pdfToolbox is a one stop solution to all the printing needs. One can say that this increases the complexity of the software. For the purpose of reducing this complexity, we tend to take special care of our up-to-date product documentation. In 2020, the readers showed top interest in:

  • PDF Conversion
  • Quick Check
  • Place content
  • Reports (HTML)
  • Variables
  • Font
  • Imposition

We are yet again working hard to make 2021 an even better year for all of you. Good wishes for 2021 from the entire callas team.

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