Grand entry: pdfToolbox 13! But what's next?

Pdf Toolbox 13 has arrived

Why is every Fixup not a Quick Fix? Or every Check not a Quick Check? How are the new Process Plans getting even more powerful?What is going on with ISO, PDF Association and Ghent Workgroup? Or even what pdfToolbox is doing in the cloud?

A lot of these questions were answered in this year’s VIP Event, that took place online. If you missed out on the event, it’s not the end of the (pdfToolbox 13) world. Here are some things to watch out for:

pdfToolbox 13 is more dynamic than before. You heard it right. Checks can be set using JavaScript via ‘Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Checks’. Beside the existing human-readable PDF and the XML reports, the JSON report has been added. This report type allows easier access from JavaScript environments on details about the PDF and its processing. JavaScript also is the basis for a new Imposition language that comes with pdfToolbox 13. It may be used instead of the custom tab-delimited scripting language invented by us long ago. There are no changes to the sheet configuration or background files since it is possible to skip creating a sheet configuration file altogether and directly specify the sheet geometry in the JavaScript or “classic” runlist.

And there is much more in pdfToolbox 13 - we are looking forward to your feedback!

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