Here comes the 12

Here comes the 12

It’s day 3 of the VIP Event 2020 and we are very excited to step into the forthcoming era of pdfToolbox 12. While I hope that all our blog readers have subscribed to the event, I am writing a summary on what has happened till now and what awaits. Also, the registration link below.

If you’re new to this, we do a major version launch every year this time with features and optimisations that our customers need (and optimistically love ;)) and what we deem is important to stay ahead in the market, for example being up-to-date with PDF standards. And this year is no different. Feature wise, the VIP event day 1 started with QuickFix and as you can rightly guess, QuickFix takes the concept of QuickCheck from version 11 a step further to very quickly correcting PDF files. Day 1 showcased some in-app Visualizer new features and improvements like heat map comparison, out of gamut display, minimum/maximum ink per separation, page boxes and safety zone, layer explorer and even more.

JavaScript is very important in pdfToolbox when more complex Profiles or Process Plans are built. It allows doing calculations, interpreting preflight results or querying information about the PDF. Yesterday, the attendees learnt about building Fixups from scratch and using only JavaScript. The next two hours were about architectural optimisations like Actions in UI and free tools in Desktop or the new barcode detection technology.

What’s next? Today’s presentations include new PDF standards viz PDF/X-6 and PDF/A-4 followed by the new and improved engines in pdfToolbox like the OCR engine by Tesseract, that make pdfToolbox flexible and powerful.

Join us on Thursday for more Process Plan improvements and a whole lot of color talk. When working with PDF files, there are workflows where it is critical to know what is happening to the color in PDF documents or to verify whether PDF documents will be suitable for use in color optimisation workflows (such as EPM workflows). Here you will see what features of pdfToolbox are being optimised for such workflows in pdfToolbox 12. Please keep in mind that pdfToolbox 12 will not be released to the market until November end.

Were you a part of our last VIP events where attendees won prizes like Belgian chocolates or stuffed penguins? No surprise, this year’s quiz goes virtual. So, if you think that you have gone through that PDF spec multiple times or you consider yourself a PDF guru (or not), this is where the fun begins. Sample from 'The Great PDF Quiz 2019':

What is the minimum page size (in units) a PDF file should have as stated in ISO 32000-1?

Too tough? ok try this then:

PDF is the IATA airport code for an airport in which city?

Still no? ok you have to join this year's quiz.

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