Add PDF technology to your own

Software vendors, SaaS providers and OEM customers can license callas PDF technology to add powerful and flexible PDF functionality to their products and solutions.

Why callas PDF technology?

callas PDF technology – equivalent to the functionality in the pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot and pdfChip product lines is used and trusted by major corporations and software vendors, including Adobe, Foxit, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Mitsubishi, Quark and many more. The technology comes with an ever-growing feature set, full documentation and a huge set of code samples to get you started.

Your requirements are the limit

Mature PDF technology that is tested every day in a huge number of different products with an almost unlimited number of PDF files. Various customers - large and small - feel safe with building their products around our PDF technology, after they had thoroughly tested not just our technology but also our support in getting the most out of our technology.

Flavours for you: SDK or CLI or cloud

callas PDF technology is available in the form of C/C++ SDKs or command line versions running on Windows, macOS and Linux as well as Sun Solaris and AIX. For the C/C++ SDKs, wrappers are provided for Java and .Net. For SaaS integrations the technology is available as ready to use docker images or as a webservice (Rest API).