Cartim Print

For the past 30 years, Cartim Print has positioned itself as the “Printer for printers” and allows its customers to sell or re-sell print. Cartim caters only to other print companies and specializes in producing a wide variety of high-quality print products against tight deadlines, yet at an affordable price. For this, they built an organization that combines the capacity and quality of a big printer, yet still nimble, flexible, and efficient enough to respond to their clients’ needs. Small, big, simple, or complex, no matter the order, Cartim can handle it.

Cartim had already jumped on the Web to Print bandwagon and used a portal for their professional customers where they could order print jobs online. The shop allowed buying many standardized products; more complex products had to be ordered through personal contact. A custom quote had to be manually calculated, based on numerous possible options.

Given that one of Cartim’s strong points is its ability to produce a wide variety of print, with lots of different papers, finishing, packaging, and delivery options, such a custom calculation is time-consuming. The conversion percentage from quote to order being fairly low, this was becoming a drain on the company.

Automated quote calculations

Based on its experience with its existing portal, their goal was to have a more flexible webshop system, that would allow them to automate over 70% of their quotes as this was a very time-consuming process.

“Calculations take up over thousands of hours every year here at Cartim. If you realize that only 30% of those calculations become offers, that’s a lot of time lost that can be spent more productively,” explains Laura Goedertier, Process Specialist at Cartim. “Therefore, an automated calculation engine for all types of orders had to be at the basis of our new webshop.”

"If you realize that only 30% of those calculations become offers, that’s a lot of time lost that can be spent more productively."

Out of the box shop, custom-made pricing engine

After a thorough needs analysis, Four Pees proposed Aleyant’s Pressero Web to Print platform. The system has a wealth of out of the box functionality but is also highly customizable. Pressero’s back-end is very easy to use, which makes it possible for people to quickly setup and configure new products. It’s also optimized for mobile devices, SEO and everything else that is important for a customer-centric web portal.

Philip Cremers, Benelux Sales at Four Pees: “While Pressero has out of the box price calculation capabilities, for this project it was crucial to integrate custom pricing engines. The pricing engine we built, in close collaboration with the people at Cartim, controls the options used for different products, the dependencies between those and intelligently calculates the final product price considering the selected options. This way the new webshop fully automatically delivers quotes for complex products, based on Cartim’s wishes and needs, significantly reducing the time spent on calculations and quotes"

“An additional advantage is that we have a direct line of contact with the software vendor and are therefore able to solve certain client requests quicker,” David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees, explains. “At the moment of our project, certain shipping methods Cartim requested were not present in Pressero. However, we worked closely with the people at Aleyant implement these, not only for this project but also for other projects to come.”

"With our new Web-To-Print portal, we see that the workload on our order handlers has decreased with over 30%."

Easy integration for full production automation

The solution that Four Pees implemented, also automates the further pre-press, print production and handling. The entire process is built around the Enfocus Switch. Thanks to Pressero’s open interface and Four Pees’ extensive knowledge of Switch the entire system could be easily integrated. This way, Cartim’s order intake workflow is now automated from A to Z.

Laura Goedertier: “With our new Web-To-Print portal, we see that the workload on our order handlers has decreased with over 30%. This gives them the time to work in a more focused manner on the more complex quotes we receive. Almost 70% of our offers can now be automatically calculated when the client places the order. We are also getting a lot of positive feedback from our clients, the interface is user friendly and they get their quote immediately!”

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